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Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality offer a wide range of creative solutions that guarantee intense emotional, motivational, perceptive, and cognitive impact. The end user has the opportunity to interact directly with the brand, to familiarize himself with it, and participate in exciting experiences.

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Interactive brochures, previews of furnishings, augmented packaging, multimedia advertising and catalogues, and interactive showcases are just some of the potential solutions. Indeed, these are extremely versatile technologies, not only for the flexibility of the contents, but also in terms of the fields of application, which can vary tremendously: from marketing to architecture, from fashion to food & beverage, from B2C to B2B.

Moreover, sharing mechanisms offer opportunities to promote viral diffusion of the contents and brand awareness, while mobile and geolocalization open new doors based on user proximity. In all these situations, the user can decide to participate actively and, at the same time, increase the levels of information and entertainment, enriching and complete the real dimension.

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Augmented reality


Augmented Reality is a technology capable of adding various types of contents (video, audio, 2D, 3D) to the surrounding environment. All this happens in real time and from any device equipped with a camera. This innovation actually makes it possible to “track” the elements present in the real scene and add others, virtually. The spectacular combination of real and digital generates a unique experience.

Immersive Reality


Immersive Reality allows 360° access to a virtual 3D reality, with which it is possible to interact directly through one’s body. Thanks to a visor, like Oculus or others, we can “manipulate” the visual of the virtual world exactly as if we were in the real world, discovering the virtual environment in great detail and from whatever viewpoint we want.

Interactive System


Interactive Systems allow the user to interact with different applications by simply using his or her body, with no controller required. By using Kinect or other infrared 3D cameras, the presence of a body is detected and tracked in real time.


We like to consider ourselves reality makers. We are convinced that the virtual dimension must meld with the real dimension in order to generate experiences that would otherwise be impossible to live, that contribute to simplifying, improving, and enriching our everyday lives.

We build mobile applications, augmented realities, and immersive realities. We provide not only technological and programming consulting, but also the creative invention of the concept, the communication strategy, UI/UX, and functioning logic.




Our Augmented Strategic Vision is our capacity to project ourselves into a world that does not yet exist, creating and modelling it according to the priorities and the objectives of the marketing plan.

It is the capacity to generate extraordinary, unique, and unexplored experiences.

It is the link between the brand, its language, its communication, and the target groups selected.

It is the sum of strategic, creative, and technological values that are combined precisely to become an added value and a coherent working method for attaining established objectives.

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