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augmented and virtual experience

In²reality is a project dedicated to the creation of unique, extraordinary and unexplored experiences, able to redefine the communication languages allowing the brand to connect with their public.

In²reality wants to overcome the boundaries and the limits which are known today, enhancing the experience to new involvement levels.

Each project is a unique, overwhelming, custom-designed experience and made to connect the brands with people in new and unique ways.

An innovative tracing system, that allows to freely walk inside virtual or augmented spaces to simulate or complete dedicated scenarios.

“To imagine means to raise the reality of a tone”

Gaston Bachelard


Exhibitions and dedicated events

Thanks to In²reality you can bring your company to any event. The public will have the possibility to visit the point of sale, observe the products or production phases as they were in company or in a physical showroom. The public will be protagonist of an immersing and unconventional experience where it is possible to learn more about the brand.


In²reality gives you the possibility of making a virtual showroom allowing users to see or try a product which is not physically present. The experience inside the virtual showroom could be accompanied by a business/commercial representative present in the same virtual scene which may guide the consumer in the contact experience with the products and the brand. Virtual exposures, test drive, furniture preview are some possible proposals to provide the consumer with a complete and satisfactory purchase experience.

Culture and Information

In²reality redefined the concept of entertainment, by making the public protagonist, allowing to live extraordinary and emotional experiences which couldn’t be otherwise livable. Like, for example, admire the Parthenon at the time of Ancient Greece, walk under the frescos of the Cappella Sistina or explore planet Mars.

Training and industrial processes

Thanks to this innovative system, you can organize educational trainings aimed, or specific events, optimizing company processes or giving information that wouldn’t otherwise be obtainable.



Movement, free

This innovative system is able to trace people’s motion with a precision of ± 2 cm thanks to small hardware devices, called “beacon”. Positioned on the corners of the area, they allow to define the space of the scene and then trace the beacon motion positioned on the viewer. And all … wireless.


An HD experience

A high-performance mobile device is placed inside the viewer (5.7” HD display, 8 core and 1.8 GHZ), thanks to which you can better exploit the virtual scene and its elements without neglecting any details.


Augmented or virtual scenes

Thanks to this technology, you can live virtual experiences, or introduce 3D objected in the surrounding environment to exploit the augmented reality. AR and VR scenes are built and optimized ad hoc to make you live a moving experience of great impact.

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